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Windshield Chip Repair

Save with Windshield Repair

Prevent Chip Damage from Spreading

Your windshield provides safety and comfort for you and your passengers. Most modern windshields use a laminated safety glass to protect you from the wind and any debris that flies your way. While this laminated glass is strong, it's not invincible. Stray rocks and baseballs have left many a motorist with the misfortune of a cracked windshield.

If left unchecked, a windshield chip can quickly grow until the only option is to replace it. If you find yourself with windshield damage, acting fast can preserve your windshield and save you money.

Need service? Austin's Auto Advantage specializes in windshield chip repair. We serve Safford, AZ, Clifton, AZ, Willcox, AZ, and surrounding areas.

What Should I do if My Windshield is Cracked?

As soon as your windshield is hit, you're on the clock. This is why it's important to schedule a windshield repair service as soon as you notice damage. Windshields can be saved if the chip or crack is small enough. However, you have a limited time to act. If left alone to long, that crack will spread and you'll need to replace the glass completely. You're looking at an unexpected expense either way, so you might see if you can save money with a windshield chip repair service first.

Is it Possible to Repair My Windshield?

If the length of the windshield chip is less than the length of a dollar (6”) or you can fit the chip under a credit card, it's likely we can save your windshield. In some scenarios, it may be better to replace your windshield. For example, if the chip penetrates too far into the glass, you'll need to replace it instead. Our qualified technicians can inspect your windshield to determine if the glass is safe to repair or not.

Why Should I Choose Austin's Auto Advantage for Windshield Repair?

The windshield doesn't only protect you from wind, it protects you in the event of an accident and is important to the structural integrity of your vehicle. You need an automotive service center with a reputation for high quality workmanship to ensure your windshield repair is done right the first time. At Austin's Auto Advantage, we specialize in windshield chip repair. We're prepared to with the right tools and knowledge for the job. We look forward to getting you back on the road with a repaired windshield.

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